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Thread: Review: Area-51 PC

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    Review: Area-51 PC

    Game: Area-51
    Platform: PC
    MSRP: $9.97
    Ratiing: M
    Time to Complete: 4-5 hours

    You may have seen a commercial or two for this game, but that's about all the press Area-51 got; and there's a reason for it. Don't get this game confused with the fun pistol dueling arcade game you see at the movie theatre, but instead take the same concept and port it into a first person shooter for your PC.

    As you can imagine, the game starts you off at the highly classified Area-51; where the government had supposedly covered up a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, and has been testing secret alien technology for years. You are Ethan Cole, voiced by David Duchovny (this is why he left X-files? To do voice overs in video games?).

    Much like Half-Life and HL2, you are equipped with a HAZMAT suit which provides you with your vital signs; i.e. too hot, too cold, radiation, low health etc. You meet up with you team and head deep into "Dreamland" what the local employees call the secret sections of Area-51.

    Dreamland is where you learn that mutated soldiers, scientists and aliens are running around because some mad scientist who's been working for Area-51 for 50 years released a virus that mutates humans into a more powerful evolving killing machine. A story and sensible plot tries to emerge from the game, but any explanation just distracts you for 15 seconds from killing more mutants.

    Ethan gets infected with the virus and you are able to mutate back and forth between human and monster depending on how you want to kill your enemy. Oh yeh, and when you mutate into the monster it slows down time conveniently enough to be able to dodge bullets and pounces from other mutants.

    The gameplay is rather simple and does not take long to OWN your enemy. In fact anyone who is even vaguely familiar with any FPS you will have no problems figuring out the controls. You also get to fight along side of your HAZMAT team for a short portion of the game as you continue you way into Area-51. One of the items you are carrying is a scanner, which allows you to scan documents, dead things, and other mysterious things you find around the base, and after you beat the game depending on which items you scan, it will unlock certain secrets and mini-FMVs to watch. I also thought if was very funny how they tried to incorporate some sort of physics engine by adding in items that you can obviously tell are meant to fall, roll, or break; I mean.. I'd envy the source engine too but...

    Graphics wise this game will NOT challenge your brand new 7800 card and you can probably run this off your old Voodoo. The FMVs are the most impressive graphic of the game, but unfortunately there is only four and they are fairly short.
    I have no idea why this game would interest the likes of Duchovny; maybe the creators thought it would be cute since he played a role as an FBI agent trying to uncover the secrets of the government in the FOX series X-files. But it was comforting to hear a familiar voice.

    Okay, its not anywhere near the caliber of Half-Life 2 or F.E.A.R., but Area-51 may pack enough fun to hold your interest for three hours which is about the time it took me to beat this game. (check my x-fire: Dukefrukem)

    We give it a 2 out of 5 D-keys:

    Discussion here :

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    Screenshots taken with AGP Ati X800 Pro:
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    Review Originally Posted on 11-04-2005

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    nice review! and you're right... I never head of this game before your post! and David D. doing voices for this? woah! I wonder if he was suckered into it... or just needed some easy extra cash or something.
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    Area-51 for PC is now a free download thanks to the US Air force:
    Get your free games.
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    may have to check it out now... since it's free
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