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Thread: Heavy Rain Preview @ CVG

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    Heavy Rain Preview @ CVG

    You might recall the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain that Duke has been keeping us updated on in the PS3 game forums. Well the guys at CVG have played a demo level of the game and have a nice preview up on their site.

    The whole game places emphasis on choice and making true-to-life scenarios and decisions. For example, when you approach the house you get the choice of whether to knock or ring the doorbell. Speech appears around a SixAxis-shaped icon and you can choose to speak as you knock by tilting the pad in the direction of the phrase you want to say. Groovy stuff.

    SixAxis control is also used in other contexts, such as shaking it up and down to open a stiff window or shoving the pad forwards to push a barrel so you can stand on it and peek through the window. Once inside the house we find out that everything is interactive. EVERYTHING. It's like a new-age Shenmue, giving you the investigative freedom to check out just about anything.

    Later in the demo, we discover dead bodies upstairs, at which point the killer returns home. With the screen split down the middle, you can see him on the left as he enters the house and gets a beer from the fridge, while you're on the right.

    Here's where the game's choice and open-ended nature is exposed. According to Quantic Dreams, at this point you could sneak out, attack and kill him or call the police and hide until they get there.
    I have to say, this one has a great premise and an even better setting. Could be a big hit for the PS3.

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    Looks cool so far. And she's much better rendered than Alyx, so maybe we can get Mr. Vega to pony up for a PS3? Hmmm? I'm gonna have to pick this game up.
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    sounds scary lol

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    This game will rock, now I just need Sony to follow MS on the price cutting

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    damn they already have a demo? i thought this was years off!

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