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Thread: PS3/360 Eternal Sonata

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    PS3/360 Eternal Sonata

    Rented this game and have been playing it on the ps3. First time I have rented a game in about 10 years.

    It is VERY linear but very interesting and extremely well done. The characters, environments, and music are great. The story picks up as the game goes in, and is intriguing enough.

    If you like action rpgs, are looking for something interesting, and want to up the amount of rpgs in your next gen collection, this one is worth checking out

    IGN: Eternal Sonata Review


    Originally Posted by DennyCrane
    Halfway through, the loss of Assault, Frank, ASG clan, etc hit him and he wept in his maple syrup puddle.

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    I bought this game a long time ago for the Xbox 360. The graphics are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I never actually sat down and got far in the game. I may have to find some time and play it.

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