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Thread: Left 4 Dead Weapons

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    Left 4 Dead Weapons

    Ok so far we only have access to 8 weapons in the demo and there will be ten more in the full version. lets discuss them.

    Pistol(s) - you always have your trusty single pistol. Picking up a second and you have dualies. ALWAYS GET DUALIES. If you get knocked down you must resort to your pistols and you can't spam them. So having twice the ammo to cover someone as they pick you up is important. Also aiming for the head is effective rather than body spam, since one bullet ot the head kills normal zombies.

    Uzi - Nifty gun here. Good for burst damage and panic kills. good for covering a teammate or killing a special zombie but lacks ammo and the punching advantage of the shotgun.

    Pump Shotgun - Staple of zombie killers everywhere. Your shotgun guy should be first through the door. The stopping power and the ability to reload while shooting is crucial. Also the shotgun user is your front man for horde attacks. Position him in front of the enemy and have him crouch and continually melee. By doing this, zombies will not get past and teammates can shoot over the shotgun user.

    Molotov - Great for crowds and defense. But be warned flailing flammable zombies are not fun if they get close.

    Pipe Bomb - A myriad of uses here. Throw away from self and team, and watch zombies sprint to it. Be warned it has a slow animation and can have nasty bounces. So be prepared for when you want to throw it. Special zombies will not chase these however. Use the time it takes to detonate wisely, such as helping teammates or running the fuck away.

    Assault Rifle - What can't be said about a 50 round clip assault rifle? Well for one, ammo. Don't waste this badboy by spraying and praying since one shot to the head takes down a standard zombie like the pistols. Good for taking down enemies in a hallway or chokepoint. Very good for blasting a witch or tank.

    Sniper Rifle - Good for picking off enemies from a distance with headshots. Can make large rooms of enemies much easier. Also good for setting off environmentals like gas cans. This player should generally stay towards the back and shoot over teammates. More of a support weapon. I think we'll see its effectiveness in other missions.

    Auto Shotty - Like the pump shotgun but waaaaay better. Faster shots, larger clip fast reload as well. Use the same as a pump shotty but dont be afraid to spam an oncoming horde, for they will fall like swiss cheese.


    Do Not Empty The Entire Clip. Always save one round before reloading. If you reload with an empty clip, the reload is extra long. As long as one round is left you dont have to cock the gun, or prime it. This is important, and difficult to master. Just get a feel for how much ammo you shoot when you fire.



    Updated to point out another fact i forgot to mention. If you reload a weapon and use the melee attack, you keep reloading while the melee is going on. So reloading then pushing the zombies a couple times will net you full ammo to blast them with.
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    To me, each weapon is usable in the right situation. I usually start off with a pump shotty in the close quarters apartments action, but then I look for the assault rifle in the train tunnels where you can dink headshots from a safe distance.

    Dual pistols are probably my favorite. The sound of the report, the range and accuracy when crouched, and the amount of bullets you get make wielding dual pistolas in L4D a dream.

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    Nice overview trip, gonna help out later on for everyone else.

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    I've had the opportunity to use each of the demo weapons, but I must say that I cannot put the shotguns down. As I've become decently adept at the melee shove followed by a quick shot, the weapon lends itself to well to that technique.

    The good part is that using the shotguns I allow the zombies to get close enough to smell my breath before I wax them. Chuck Norris magnitude badassery.

    The bad part is that at the end of a round I tend to be the one that took the most damage.

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    I like using the Uzi over the shotgun to start, especially if 2 people already grab a shotgun. Last few times I've played I've tried just using the pistol. It works until a huge horde or a tank comes at you.

    When you get to the extra weapons I like to grab either the assault rifle or the sniper rifle, depending on what the other players have. The assault rifle is great for mowing down a horde and picking off single zombies. The sniper rifle is great for clearing most of a room out without having all the zombies come at you - perfect for the basement area when no one has that much health left.

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    Boomshot from GoW2 ftw or better yet the "mulcher"

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    like yankee, I prefer the uzi over the shotgun in the beginning...what I really like though is dualies as primary, with the uzi as backup...

    I need to try the auto-shotty and sniper rifle though, but I think the sniper will be much more useful in later levels in the game...

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    the auto-shotty is crazy fun, and the M16 is excellent.

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    D- Dualies :shock:

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    Quote Originally Posted by trip7 View Post


    Do Not Empty The Entire Clip. Always save one round before reloading. If you reload with an empty clip, the reload is extra long. As long as one round is left you dont have to cock the gun, or prime it. This is important, and difficult to master. Just get a feel for how much ammo you shoot when you fire.


    i tried this out with a uzi in the heat of the moment, didnt seem to have any time variance really, but that could be just the uzi

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