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Thread: Hardest Left 4 Dead Campaign?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    I would say Dead Air actually was the easiest. I joined just a bit late and I didn't get the achievement and want to replay the level (also my favorite level). You guys need to add me to steam so I can run through some of the levels again.
    we need either your steam account name or the email you have registered with steam to add you to our friends list...that, or play with us in a game and then we can add you...

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    all dave needs to do is look at "players" on his steam interface, and the drop down will have "view recent players". a whole SLEW of players who are probably us will show up in the list with our little avatars and everything. right click and "add as friend". Done.

    In fact, I'll do that tonight Dave, and see if your on my recent player list.

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