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Thread: The health bonus and you

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    The health bonus and you

    From the cal forums...
    [ame=]Cyberathlete Amateur League Forums[/ame]
    Health Bonus 0-200 total points OR 50 points per player.

    How the health bonus is calculated:
    Regular health / 2 = Health bonus for each survivor +
    Temporary health / 4 = Health bonus for each survivor

    If you have 40 temporary(bleeding out)(and no medkit) health then you will contribute 10 points to the health bonus score
    If you have 80 regular health(medkit'd) you will contribute 40 points to the health bonus score
    if you have 20 regular health and 20 temporary health(and no medkit) then you will contribute 15 points to health bonus. (20/2+20/4 = 15)

    The medkits and pills are automatically calculated into the person who is holding them. As if you were to use them before end.
    You can gain additional points by healing someone without a medkit if you have a much higher health bonus then them.
    1 player has 100 regular life and medkit = 50 health bonus
    2nd player with 10 regular life and no medkit = 5 health bonus
    Total score = 55 health bonus
    1st player heals 2nd player with medkit (thus causing 2nd player to go to 80 regular life)
    Total score = 90 Health bonus
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    cool information to know. i like how its somewhat dependent on your teammates

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    This brings wtbhealzplz to a whole new level.

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    welcome to the forums my favorite sub

    thank you for letting this information flow rich! i was always curious.
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