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Thread: Portal 2: Meet Wheatley Trailer

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    Portal 2: Meet Wheatley Trailer

    From Gameranx, a video and description of upcoming Portal 2 trailers that is must-see material for Portal fans:

    Valve has released the first part of the seven part video series demo of Portal 2, this one in particular introduces us to Wheatley. The introduction to Wheatley reminds us of the brilliant humor in Portal. For his entire existence, the A.I. has been attached to a series of tracks hanging from the laboratory ceiling. He's been told that he'd die instantly if he ever disengage from his rail, but he's willing to risk instant death to become your new best bud.

    Once Wheatley stares down death, players can carry him around, attaching him to certain computers to open new paths. Sadly, Doug Lombardi from Valve has previously told that the Wheatley voice in the demo is placeholder audio provided by Valve animator Richard Lord. Lordís performance may or may not appear in the final game.
    YouTube - Meet Wheatley

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    Re: Portal 2: Meet Wheatley Trailer

    heh, he's gonna be the new companion cube.

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    Re: Portal 2: Meet Wheatley Trailer

    I wonder if you can put a portal where he falls...

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    Re: Portal 2: Meet Wheatley Trailer

    it looks pretty good, i'm glad they brought her back too. should make an intresting new fight :P
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    Re: Portal 2: Meet Wheatley Trailer

    awesome! You monster!

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