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Thread: Hitman Absolution

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    Hitman Absolution

    New Hitman coming out. Didn't see a date to when it's coming out though. These games have always seemed to be a good sneak around kill people thriller. Check out some of the screen shots and a nice new wallpaper for your desktop if you're really into this game.
    Hitman Absolution-screen-5.jpgHitman Absolution-screen1.jpgHitman Absolution-screen2.jpgHitman Absolution-screen3.jpgHitman Absolution-wallpaper3.jpg
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    did you really just ask if Bo has his cwp?

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    Re: Hitman Absolution

    looks pretty cool - played the first one to death lol..
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    Re: Hitman Absolution

    I've been a fan of these games since the first. Blood Money was so much fun. I played the entire game and then immediately played through it again on max difficulty just because it was so much fun. There were so many combinations of ways to complete the objectives that I would keep playing the same levels over and over again. I really liked the multiple levels of security clearance and disguises that you could obtain. Strolling through the White House disguised as Secret Service is always fun.

    As long as I'm not knee deep in other games to play when this launches, I'll probably pick this up.
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    Re: Hitman Absolution

    Really liked these games on Xbox gonna have to check it out their were always fun

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