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Thread: Tomb Raider

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    Tomb Raider

    Just started the newer Tomb raider game, anyone else played it/like it? I've got it on Ultra with TressFX and I have to say, I am impressed so far. Beautiful character models and environment, fun gameplay. Being strictly a PC gamer this makes up a bit for not having the Uncharted series for my adventure fix. I hear there is a sequel planned as well.

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    Re: Tomb Raider

    I played it on ultra settings as well and the graphics are great. The way things move and her hair flying around is very realistic. The gameplay is great and the story fits in with what we know about Lara Croft. This edition basically shows how she got started and how she became such a bad ass that she is. The death scenes when you mess up in this game are pretty gruesome though.
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    Re: Tomb Raider

    Can't wait for the next one.
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    Re: Tomb Raider

    picked it up last steam sale. Real Fun game

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