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Thread: Creative Assembly / Alien: Isolation

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    Creative Assembly / Alien: Isolation

    I have been watching this out of the corner of my eye since I have long wanted a good Alien-franchise game.

    Am I the only one that sees Doom 3 written all over this?

    She gets a nom nom nom

    Of course it's not that scary when the aliens go batshit crazy

    Alien: Isolation Isn't As Scary When The Alien Glitches Out

    or maybe it IS scarier when they can walk through walls

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    Re: Creative Assembly / Alien: Isolation

    Holy crap... I got scared and I'm not even playing the game... Just might have to get this now.
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    did you really just ask if Bo has his cwp?

    he shot his name into the application form from 1000 yards... while on a Segway... One handed with his USP in .45ACP... While doing pushups AND eating his sandwich...

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    Re: Creative Assembly / Alien: Isolation

    interesting - been a loong time since i've played D3. should do that now since i have a video card with over 512 MB of Vram! woo!
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