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  1. Here come the Colonial Marines
  2. Gatlinburg, TN Wildfire
  3. Terror Attack In Ottawa Canada
  4. The Official Ebola Outbread Thread
  5. Unrest in the Ukraine
  6. Bombing at Boston Marathon
  7. The Official strafeRight End Of The World Thread
  8. UK ISPs court ordered to block firesharing website Pirate Bay
  9. Tracking the Trackers (EU Cookie Law)
  10. Social Network News: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ News, more
  11. Italian Cruise Ship
  12. Kim Jong Il reportedly dead
  13. what's up with Philly?
  14. Steve Jobs Died
  15. Reno air crash - 'mass' casualties
  16. 9-11 Remembered
  17. Steve Jobs Resigns
  18. Gadhafi dead?
  19. Red Arrows
  20. Does Bearing Arms Ward Off Violent Criminals?
  21. Casey Anthony NOT guilty of murder.
  22. California taxes internet sales, Amazon reacts immediately
  23. Court overturns ban on selling violent video games to kids
  24. Why has Lulzsec Quit Hacking?
  25. What counts as "reasonable force"
  26. Chinese Prison Population Forced To Gold Farm In MMOs
  27. AMERICA!
  28. US Army "Kill Squad"
  29. Japan hit by 8.9 quake
  30. Google to be disconnected from the internet.
  31. Malawi Government Takes On Flatulence
  32. Revolution In Egypt?
  33. Mean Girls?
  34. Congresswoman shot by gunman
  35. Internet ID: good idea?
  36. Whitewashing Huckleberry Finn
  37. Amazing Gulf Oil Disaster Article
  38. TSA: Nail Clippers are more Dangerous than assault rifles, pistols, and machine guns
  39. Web Censorship Bill
  40. Debt Collectors Accused Of Fake Courtroom, Judge
  41. Internet Blacklist oh noes?! ^^
  42. Woman Who Dropped Cat in Trash Bin: It Was Fun
  43. Renegade unmanned drone wandered skies near nation’s capital
  44. The Gulf Oil Disaster
  45. June 6th
  46. In DC, even the Spelling Bee draws protesters
  47. Tennesee Flood disaster
  48. National Holocaust Remembrance Day (April 11th)
  49. Apple store goes code red
  50. Google Officially Shuts Down China Search Engine
  51. 8.8 Quake Hits Chile
  52. Iran Disables Google Services, Announces New National System
  53. (GRAPHIC) This chick must be Chuck Norris´niece or something...
  54. Haitian Capital In Ruins After Earthquake
  55. New TSA Rules
  56. Badass dog takes on Cougar
  57. Rush Hospitalized
  58. US Federal Court sets new restrictions on Taser use
  59. Over 100 Dead 90 Injured At Russian Nightclub
  60. Water found on the moon...
  61. Custom Hoo Haa Surgeries Increasing
  62. Interracial couple denied marriage license...
  63. David Letterman affair.
  64. Way to go Indy FBI-SWAT!
  65. 9-11 Remembered
  66. Do you feel that? That’s my Taser up your ass...
  67. Lottrey winnar gets largest undivided payout
  68. Pandemic? Epidemic?
  69. A look into Gaming Benefits and Problems
  70. Columbine: The Truths Ten Years Later
  71. Taliban Claim Responsibility For Binghamton Massacre
  72. The Conspiracy Thread
  73. Sully Is The Mother F*cking Man Of All Men
  74. Holy Shit, We All Almost Died!
  75. Woman's life in danger after chimp attack
  76. Bill Gates: Well-Meaning Idiot
  77. Halo 3 Tied to Shooting
  78. Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai, India
  79. The Interesting News Thread
  80. Large Hadron Collider
  81. Mars Landing Successful
  82. The Gasoline Thread
  83. School Shootings
  84. Virginia Tech Shooting -- DNvCross You ok??
  85. The R.I.P. Thread
  86. Only 8 planets now?