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Time in Afghanistan

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by , 12-04-2011 at 10:05 AM (6349 Views)
So here I am in Afghanistan. Weather is odd. Cold as hell at night and a nice warm 70ish during the day. All day and all night I here the afterburners of F16s and F15s taking off from the airfield carrying iron to drop on the bad guys where ever they may be. Probably being directed by TAC-P guys in the field giving hell the the terrorists. I work 12 hours a day everyday. No days off. I carry a loaded M4 everywhere I go pictured here:

Haven't heard it yet, but there's sirens that go off when we get attacked. One happened last week, but I wasn't here for it. Usually it's indirect fire. Mortars, rocks, whatever.. lol I'm hoping I don't have to use this M4, but be assured that if I have to I will.
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  1. MundaneRaptor's Avatar
    Be Safe Bo!
  2. Teck's Avatar
    Good times man! You're going to have to keep us updated... A blog like this could be interesting!


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