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  1. The Elevator Triple+ Press -An Engineer's Perspective

    by , 05-22-2012 at 04:27 AM (Teck's Blog)
    The Elevator Triple+ Press... We've all seen it happen. Your standing there in an elevator and some retarded jackmonkey of a human being walks in the elevator and presses the same button at least 3 times. Hell, most of the time they decide to press the button until the doors finally close as if continually pressing and re-pressing the button is what closes the elevator doors close... Or these repeated presses will somehow make the entire process go faster.

    When I look at it, you just ...
    Blogging , Humor , Life
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  2. Midnight Fun in IRC!!

    by , 11-29-2011 at 04:47 AM (Teck's Blog)
    I was just hanging out in a server on IRC and had a little fun with some guy looking for help.

    Here's the log:
    [00:35] * Zephyrus (******@***********) has joined #game-monitor
    [00:35] <Zephyrus> hey
    [00:35] <+Teck> no
    [00:35] <Zephyrus> :(
    [00:35] <+Teck> :)
    [00:35] <+Teck> whats up?
    [00:36] <Zephyrus> my german server is listed as ukrainian :w
    [00:37] <+Teck> Wait... aren't those the same
    Blogging , Humor


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