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  1. This entry.

    by , 07-19-2016 at 08:32 PM
    Today I had my nails done.
    Today I bathed my cat because he was playing in car oil.
    Today... Umm... I ate Minie Wheats and a bagel!
    Today I posted in a thread.
    Today I am upset for not being invited to a wedding.
    Today I will eat steak.
    Today I will draw.
    Today I made blog about today.Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Opportunities, Choices, Life

    by , 01-01-2013 at 03:01 AM (Teck's Blog)
    I had an experience about two months ago where I was sitting in a room waiting to find out something that one way or another would change my life forever. During the first few hours i kept thinking about what my options were. For awhile I concluded that I had no options that would impact the situation in anyway. At some point in between making that conclusion and just recounting some of my life's experiences; I was taken back to what someone used to tell me. To paraphrase, you always have options, ...
  3. The Elevator Triple+ Press -An Engineer's Perspective

    by , 05-22-2012 at 04:27 AM (Teck's Blog)
    The Elevator Triple+ Press... We've all seen it happen. Your standing there in an elevator and some retarded jackmonkey of a human being walks in the elevator and presses the same button at least 3 times. Hell, most of the time they decide to press the button until the doors finally close as if continually pressing and re-pressing the button is what closes the elevator doors close... Or these repeated presses will somehow make the entire process go faster.

    When I look at it, you just ...
    Blogging , Humor , Life
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  4. Personal Fulfillment Over Time -An Engineer's Perspective

    by , 04-27-2012 at 04:32 AM (Teck's Blog)
    Personal Fulfillment Vs. Time
  5. Task Effectiveness -An Engineer's Perspective

    by , 04-26-2012 at 05:15 AM (Teck's Blog)
    Engineer's often spend a majority of their time looking at numbers, graphs, data, and so on. The entire idea is to look at what's going on to make something work, add features, or otherwise improve or broaden our understanding of something. Normally we are looking at devices (digital, mechanical, etc) to improve or broaden our understanding of, but why couldn't we perform the same kind of analysis on life in general.

    Gain Vs. Time, (Task Effectiveness)

    Updated 04-26-2012 at 02:38 PM by Teck

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