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Day Z Journal- Day 24: There was a FireFight!

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by , 08-17-2012 at 01:39 AM (18314 Views)
With the Absence of SergeantAssist today, i figured i would fill in the blank of Day 24. In the previous day, HellzKnight, SA and I found ourselves hidden safely within a school building in the Town of Vybor. Today when I log in, Hellzknight, Tsailen, and Willy have been playing for some time where they met up as a group to the north of Stary Sobor on the hunt for a vehicle or at least some parts to fix one. HellzKnight spots some players on a hill directly north of the group, soon a firefight ensues. This is merely my recollection of their communications, since i am trying to make my way nearly 3 km to their position just north of Stary Sobor. From what i could gather, Hellzknight spots a player on a hill very close to where they have discovered a recoverable vehicle, HellzKnight takes some potshots at the player so Willy and Tsailen can move up. Willy makes his way to the flank but manages to get shot by another player, Tsailen moves in to avenge his comrade and manages to kill "Little Schmidt"(<--Player Name). Tsailen finds out too late that Shmidty has a buddy and shot in the back of the head. HellzKnight gets a few good shots on this other player, who happens to be "Holy Schmidt". The group rejoices a successful firefight, our sR comrades have successfully beaten another group of players,but only because of the number of people in our group. Bandits 2 - sR 2. By this time i make my presence known, and Hellzknight shows me to the spoils of war. Plenty of weapons and rare gear; GPS, nightvision, Maps, Bloodpacks, and ammo. HellzKnight then shows me the vehicle that had been found, and Informs me that either the schmidts or another random player have been using it to store weapons and usefull tools. The vehicle is close to being fully repaired, with some tires and fuel keeping it from being fully operational.

Approximately 20 minutes pass, Willy and Tsailen make their way back to the main group and recover their goods. Everyone has a good laugh when both of the schmidts die twice by the time we decide to head out. Since hellzknight had been carrying a camping tent during the firefight, and our previous server still hasnt appeared for nearly a week, we decide its best to set up a temporary camp somewhere within reasonable walking distance from Stary Sobor. We decide that the North Eastern part of Old Fields, around 070,062 is a proper location. It is not too close to any other popular town or search area, and far enough away from the airfield that it can be well hidden. After setting up camp Tsailen logs out, while the three of us move out towards Gorka to look for some automotive parts.

From here on its pretty standard stuff, zombies are shot, we shed a little blood, and very little gear is obtained. The only thing that makes this session stand out is that TeamSpeak started having some issues. We would disconnect and connect multiple times, always whenever our three person group would lose sight of eachother. This made the use of in game chat very risky, because if we happened to be communicating while an enemy player passed by within distance they would learn of our position very quickly. During the last few minutes of our session, a car passes straight through gorka trailing some Zombies behind it, and causes a tightening of buttholes for each of us. We each make the mistake of using direct chat while the car passes by, but luckily the vehicle didnt notice us. We make our way to a safe spot just outside of town and log out.

Tsailen made sure to record the firefight with Fraps, he needs a good video editing program before he can post a shortened version for all of us to enjoy.

My Path from Vybor to Gorka.

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  1. Tsailen's Avatar
    Kage's narrative is like a dragnet episode - The facts of the case are true, but the names have been changed! Here is a 7 minute clip from the fight...

    Updated 08-21-2012 at 12:25 AM by Teck
  2. Kage's Avatar
    Close enough


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