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PlanetSide 2 Closed Beta: A skirmish before the War

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by , 08-30-2012 at 03:40 PM (28678 Views)
Back in early June of this year, it was announced that anyone could sign up for the PlanetSide 2 closed beta. Of course it wasn't guaranteed that you would get if you signed up for it on the website provided, but you could still try. People across the interwebs started appealing to the PS2 dev team in any way they could, mostly through communication lines like FaceBook, Twitter, and Reddit. Turns out the PS2 devs were more than happy to hand out beta keys for anything they laughed at, or pieces of work they deemed worthy. I managed to weasel my way through on the Facebook with a PS2 dedication using American Muscle cars, and the Forza 4 vinyl editor. You can see the album here. This got me a free beta key, and a test of my patience. It would be another month until the closed beta actually began.

Earlier this week i got a confirmation Email, and began my download into glory.

So for those of you that are oblivious, Planet Side 2 is the sequel to the first MMOFPS game back in 2003. The purpose of the game is to join a faction and fight a consistent war with your friends on massive landscape against never ending foes. 3 factions, literally thousands of players at once on one server, and its free. Did i mention its free? ITS FREE TO PLAY. Say what you will about f2p games, but you cannot pass up the opportunity to play this game when it wont cost you a dime. Release date is still TBA, but the last expectations i had heard were for Q4 of this year.

I have been playing the beta, and so far its going like anyone would expect. Its a beta, there are graphical glitches, functional glitches, and other random bugs. But, it should be said that these problems are minor, rarely in a game session of about 3 hours did i even get a hint of any problems. And since it is a closed beta there are not nearly as many people playing the game at the moment as the server would allow on full release. What i am playing is a watered-down version of what we will see in the future.

Air vehicles are a blast to fly, transport ships have immense value and purpose, coordination and teamwork is not only essential it is also seen everywhere within the game. The Voice chat system that is in place works very well, and nearly everyone tries their best to use it. Tanks and other land vehicles have not yet found a proper place in the battlefield, because many people can just grab an aircraft whenever they want, that you rarely see any tanks on the ground that you would fight, and most locations are too far away to drive to quickly. There is one exception though, i did manage to catch a glimpse of a tank column with 5 tanks rolling through a base, and they just decimated everything in their path. It was incredibly effective and unexpected. Main battle tanks have AA guns planted on top of the main turret, and those will tear apart any unsuspecting aircraft.

All of the player Classes have their uses, but overall the most important classes are engineers, medics, and Max Suits. Engineers can repair, resupply, and plant a defensive turret. Medics are what you would expect, and max suits are just overwhelming firepower and heavy armor. Max suits can take about two hits to the face from a regular tank gun.

Overall i am very happy with the game, and cannot wait for a full release. This is certainly something that sR needs to be a part of, and we really need to make sure that if anyone from sR plays the game, we are all on registered on the same server and the same Outfit(clan).

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