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It's All About You: TheShelks

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by , 03-23-2012 at 05:38 PM (1364 Views)
What brought you to StrafeRight? When did you join?
Well, Iíve been playing with StrafeRight since the original BF2 server, but I didnít actually join the community until Capt.Kevlar recruited me for Battlefield 2142. Iíd have to say this is the most entertaining and skilled community that Iíve ever been a part of, and thatís why Iíve stayed.

What's your most memorable StrafeRight thread/moment?
Unfortunately Iíve never been the most avid poster on the forums, but for certain my favorite memories come from the tf2 server thread. There were a lot of fun times between the usual Straferight members and MAJMAR community.

Can you remember your first video game moment? What was the game?
Oh lord, as early as I can remember Iíve been playing video games. I have pictures of myself sitting on my dads lap playing Doom, Wolfenstein, and Duke Nukem when I was about 4 years old. After that though I didnít really have a dedicated game to play until Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault. That was my first online shooter and I played it until I got into BF2.

Some folks like to mix and match, others stay focussed on one thing....what are your favourite gaming types?
I usually have 4 games or so that Iím playing at a time, usually a shooter, 2 rpgs, and a strategy game. Right now Iím playing BF3, Skyrim, Minecraft, and for my blood-boiling RTS Iíve been playing Heroes of Newerth with my roommates. I always enjoy having a mix of things to play.

In the past month, what game would you say you've spent most of your time on?
This last month in particular has been hard for me to find time to game, but most of my time seems to be split between minecraft (because I can wedge it into the smallest bits of freetime) and Heroes of Newerth (because a single game easily lasts an hour).

We all have a favourite piece of tech, the one we wouldn't want to be without - what's yours?
Looks like TheShelks took the 5th on this one...

If you were to be stuck in a lift with any StrafeRight person, who would it be and why?
Iíd probably pick Sergeant_Assist because I think Iíve known him longer than most other sR members, and perhaps his skill with redstone wiring will come in handy.

Same question as 7 but let's open it up and give you a second person in the lift...this time it can be anyone living or dead - who would it be and why?
The lift mechanic for sure. No, just kidding. Iíd like to have comedian Louis CK there; that guy always leaves me laughing my ass off.

What question would you ask to the next person answering these questions? Or do you have a specific question for a specific StrafeRight member?

From Joe: What has it got in its pocketses?
A cellphone, 2 jumpdrives, 3 different drafting pens, a ball point pen, 2 sharpies (red/black), 2 #2 pencils, and a pocket sketchbook. Haha itís kind of a professional standard

My question: If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

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