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The Story of StrafeRight v3.0 up to v5.2

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by , 11-14-2011 at 05:03 PM (1755 Views)
While we were looking at the blog functionality, Teck shared the link to the original blogs (which I'll include at the end of this blog entry).

As I was looking through them I found Craig's post about StrafeRight v3.0, and being a new member of the forums I'm always up for hearing about the history of this community.

In early summer 2006, the idea was formed to bring the old website from v2.0, up to date...achieving a gaming news portal that could facilitate daily news and automated hourly news for all things gaming, while maintaining its roots in the Community aspect: Active forums, blogs, member reviews and gaming servers.

It took about six months to achieve and one of the notable points back in 2006 was how many original members were still active. Now in 2011, although some other folks are offline, it's impressive when you look at the join dates and post counts of members and see active members from 2003 and 2004.

I joined in Feb 2011 and rave about the quality of the forum membership when I talk about StrafeRight, from the quick sense of humour, the amount of knowledge and expertise, the differing viewpoints, excellent pictures, recipes....I could go on!

While I do work for the StrafeRight owners, I find myself spending more time on here than I probably should in a working day.

This year I've been able to work on a new skin and forum software update, added mini games, a TV channel (which we need to more work on, especially with BF3 being here), worked on the GameStore, joined a rather brilliant Minecraft server, started a newsletter and are returning blogs to the community. While we won't get everything right first time, I like that it's still true that everyone has a say in how things are run and kept up.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, and back to the mentioned earlier, I enjoy hearing about the history of the community, so here's the link to the original blog posts..remember any of them or do you have any stories to share with us newer folks?
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  1. CoffeeShark's Avatar
    I was very bitter back then (i know, shocking), but there were still a few soundbites I don't mind reliving, like 'The Apple Blog':

    It is an ego-filled circle jerk of smugness displayed in a mock turtleneck and jeans, waiting for applause from an audience of employees and pseudo-journalist tech bloggers.
  2. ohmigosh's Avatar
    LOL you'd some good phrasing in that one! I've really enjoyed browsing through the different items.


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