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It's All About You: MisterX

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by , 08-23-2012 at 07:49 AM (1953 Views)
What brought you to StrafeRight? When did you join?
Back in October 2010 I was asked to have a look at the site when Jump Digital were interested in making an offer on Craigs sale of the site. Once I had probed you all (don't pretend you didn't like it) I Stuck around to help with the admin.

What's your most memorable StrafeRight thread/moment?
Too numerous to mention, there are some genuinely laugh out loud funny people/posts spread throughout the whole forum.

Can you remember your first video game moment? What was the game?
My first games machine was a Philips G7000 (Magnavox Odyssey˛ in the US) memories of playing that with my uncle when i was but a little un

Some folks like to mix and match, others stay focussed on one thing....what are your favourite gaming types?
I'm all about variety, I play most genres, If you look at my steam games list you'll see its pretty mixed. Sucker for a good FPS, Anything with co-op if i had to pick

In the past month, what game would you say you've spent most of your time on?
Hmm Possibly Mechwarrior Online I have played most games of, but longest time spent? That would be Sins Of a Solar Empire:Rebellion as each game takes hoouurrss

We all have a favourite piece of tech, the one we wouldn't want to be without - what's yours?
At the moment My Acer Iconia A500 tablet, I use it far more than I thought I would ever use a tablet.

If you were to be stuck in a lift with any StrafeRight person, who would it be and why?
Ohmigosh, totally nothing to do with the fact she has a gun license and has access to me when i'm sleeping.

Same question as 7 but let's open it up and give you a second person in the lift...this time it can be anyone living or dead - who would it be and why?
Kate Beckinsdale, you need to ask WHY?

What question would you ask to the next person answering these questions? Or do you have a specific question for a specific StrafeRight member?

From Joe: What has it got in its pocketses?
Leatherman wave, Samsung Galaxy sII, Patch Cabinet Keys , Wallet

From TheShelks: If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Negril in Jamaica, Honeymooned there, it was glorious

From DennyCrane: When you discover strafeRight is the real world and what you thought was "real life" was just a game... what will you do then?
Restore from a backup

From Teck: What song is most played on your iPod or similar device? OR What is one song that you recently had stuck in your head?

From mb67: If you only have one day left on this planet, how would you spend it, and whom would you spend it with?
Ohmi, without a doubt.

MisterX's question: Whats the hardest game you've ever completed without cheating? For me it was Mercenary:Second City on the C64, It is absolute evil incarnate.

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