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by , 09-20-2012 at 06:34 PM (2019 Views)
What brought you to StrafeRight? When did you join?
Burt McGurt did - actually Burt was trying to get me involved back when it was still part of the notebook forums i believe but never had the time - didn't really join until i was out of college (early 2006 i believe i finally made an account here).

What's your most memorable StrafeRight thread/moment?
Drunk duke? Or maybe the CS:S thread with the "NO HACKS!" screenshots...with the hacks plainly visible. LOL.

Can you remember your first video game moment? What was the game?
Hard to remember actually, might have been a "game" called "Oil Rig" or something like that for the Tandy (good 'ol monochrome monitor - this one was more of an orange-ish color). It was rather difficult and not exactly fun. I think Asteroids was probably one of the first that i really played but i think that was for the C64.

Some folks like to mix and match, others stay focussed on one thing....what are your favourite gaming types?
RTS and FPS games - I don't think there's a game that I've played more than Warcraft 2 and the original Starcraft. Nothing like getting a good connection on a 9600 baud (or if you were lucky to have a 14.4 at the time) and playing matches with a friend against the computer. Wolfenstein 3-D opened my (and my friends) eyes to the FPS... but it wasn't until RoTT (Rise of the Triad) and Duke Nukem 3D that it was really opened, especially for a new thing called multiplayer deathmatch!

In the past month, what game would you say you've spent most of your time on?
Hmmm, probably Max Payne 3.

We all have a favourite piece of tech, the one we wouldn't want to be without - what's yours?
Well... it might be rather general - but it'd have to be the computer.

If you were to be stuck in a lift with any StrafeRight person, who would it be and why?
Oo... boy that's a tough one. Maybe Denny, Coffee or Vega? lol - toss a three-sided coin on that one.

Same question as 7 but let's open it up and give you a second person in the lift...this time it can be anyone living or dead - who would it be and why?
Jackie Chan - though i'm not sure how easy he'd be able to talk to (he's my all-time favorite actor). Other than that though, probably Saul or rather, the apostle Paul - I'd have no trouble having a conversation with that guy! Very well educated but "down-to-earth" - a hard combination to find in anybody, and of course all of his historical/Biblical implications

What question would you ask to the next person answering these questions? Or do you have a specific question for a specific StrafeRight member?

From Joe: What has it got in its pocketses?
Phone, keys, swiss army knife and some chapstick. oo and wallet of course.

From TheShelks: If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
Maybe Ireland or New Zealand

From DennyCrane: When you discover strafeRight is the real world and what you thought was "real life" was just a game... what will you do then?
Crap bricks. then look at the specs of the machine that was running it.

From Teck: What song is most played on your iPod or similar device? OR What is one song that you recently had stuck in your head?
Boy, i'm really not sure (I don't pay much attention and typically use Pandora) - probably something by DJ Tiesto.

From mb67: If you only have one day left on this planet, how would you spend it, and whom would you spend it with?
With my wife of course, and probably something romantic (like a cabin in the mountains with a nice snow). Or we'd stock up on ammo and fight against the zombie hordes that's on the brink of destroying the world (why else do we only have 24 hours left? Jack's already saved it 8 times).

From MisterX: Whats the hardest game you've ever completed without cheating? now THAT's a hard one.
I typically don't cheat on a game (or look at walk-through etc) until after I beat a game - always seen "cheating" as a way to ruin the experience if you haven't played through it once at least. So the hardest game would have to be something i played a long time ago (one of my pet-peeves on current games is that they're just too dang easy) - maybe The Lost Vikings for the SNES (two player) - game is great fun to play with somebody else... and it knows you'll die a lot as evidenced by the great comments the characters say when you've restarted...many many times. There's just so many though so it's hard to choose! and unfortunately, i didn't play much of XCOM when it first came out... my brother horded that one :P

FuzzyLogik's Question: Was there ever a time that you got rid of something (or lost) like a console or game that you wished you still had?

TurboDuo and a ton of games.
I. Just. Can't. Find. It.
A quick look on ebay shows one - in mint condition in an unopened box - going for $3,500. According to ebay I probably had $1k worth of games. AUGH. *is sad now*

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