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From the North Pole!

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by , 11-20-2011 at 06:26 PM (1458 Views)
Don't ask, I know a reindeer that knows a's a real, genuine Santa letter from 2010!

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your lovely letter, I am very well and how kind of you to ask what I would like for Christmas. Well I'd love a thick pair of socks to keep my feet warm! (Don't tell anyone but I think Mrs Claus is knitting me a pair).

You’ve been very good this year and I am looking forward to visiting you in MacScotland! Now it is December I am using my computer to write back to all the lovely children who were kind enough to send me a letter.

Do you remember last year, those mischievous elves were drawing on my letter paper and envelopes? Well I fear they are up to mischief again, and stuffing envelopes with Christmas sparkles when I am not looking. If they do, would you be a wonderful help and keep the sparkles safe for me until Christmas Eve so I can take them back to the North Pole? [I'm guessing Santa must have sent the child the special sparkles to keep safe]

The reindeer are getting very excited now it is December. We are practising our take offs and landings and I'm pleased to report that we are getting very good at landing in small spaces without needing a long run way like airplanes do.

Although I think the reindeer are picking up bad habits from the elves. Why only yesterday Dasher and Rudolph ran through the place holding a thick string of tinsel between them and tripped Grimliekin up. He fell head first into the toffee maker and it took Mrs Claus two hours to de-stickify him! Poor Grimliekin, it's not easy being the workshop manager.

Between those elves and energetic reindeer, it's a wonder we ever get ready in time. But Mrs Claus always makes sure we get everything done and she even packs me a warm flask of tea for the long journy on Christmas Eve.

Oh-oh, I hear Grimliekin shouting again from the workshop. I'd better go see what's going on out there.

Thank you again for your lovely letter, and I am looking forward to visiting soon.
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