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Day Z Journal (Day 18) - Start of this Journal - Town raids

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by , 08-10-2012 at 02:37 AM (1674 Views)
Day 18 - Start of this Journal - Town raids
Currently the party consists of only me and hellzknight traveling up north. The general tactic adopted was traveling from deer stand to deer stand in search of small time military loot and avoiding people, otherwise shoot first ask questions later. As for today we manned up and went to a few small towns in search of civilian loot. The name of this town is undisclosed for safety purposes. Target buildings of these small towns were supermarkets and high value residents. As a result we got a extra canteen, maps, a M1911, a coyote backpack and more importantly two tents. Now we are intent to set up camp somewhere in the north, but also one more towards the south for friends that just woke up on the shore line. We are now one step forward on plans to repair a vehicle... END LOG
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    I herped when i should have derped
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