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Day Z Journal (Day 20) - The Rally and The Bounty

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by , 08-12-2012 at 04:28 PM (8548 Views)
Day 20 - The Rally and The Bounty
After the whole debacle down at airfield yesterday, I set myself to run back to camp and free as much space as possible from my pack. When I got back to camp, I got a communique from Willy and Tsailen, saying they were near my vicinity So I went south to greet them and guide them back to the camp site. Few minutes in, I spotted the two out in the open, they were sticking out like a sore thumb on in this open area. Willy was wearing regular old civilian cloths like me, but tsailen found himself a ghillie suit on his trip here and I must say, ghillie suit is way to go when you're trying to lose someone. We made it back to the camp where they helped themselves to weapon upgrades and much needed medical supplies. Soon after they finished prepping themselves, the three of us headed out to execute the usual plan of raiding deer stands. From there we made our way to the supermarkets and high value residential buildings of some local towns , in hopes of acquiring helpful navigational tools and tents for storage. This trip was a very nice supply run and as a result we headed back to camp to unload our packs that were brimming with goods. Though we didn't find any tents in supermarket and that was a downer.

At the end of this task, I decided to take a break and relax. Meanwhile, Hellzknight helped guide Kage to our camp and they teamed up with Willy and Tsailen to repeat the same run again, but things didn't go as smooth for somehow during one of the town raids, Kage got knocked out from a group of aggravated walkers. He was bleeding and screaming, but all was good because the rest of the group got to him in time letting their bullets rip the walking corpses apart. Then they got to apply first aid on Kage and things were back to normal. Then soon after, late into the afternoon, they attempted to raid the airfield where me and hellzknight went and proved unfruitful.

Sometime into the raid, I came back from my break at camp and got wind that the four of them has reached the airfield and was already going from door to door, not as salesmen but as seasoned survivalist exploiting the much dismal land of it's untouched goods. So I decided to double time my way to the northern side of the airfield and meet up with them. Here at the tip of the airfield, I had to be cautious due to the fact Willy sent word of possible hostiles at the airfield other than the now very common walkers. He mentioned that Tsailen was lucky enough to take one of these "hostiles" down with much haste and in my book, I say "good man" for in these troubling times, outsiders are trouble.

I made my way to one of the army barracks to search for military grade weapons, but along the way a walker spotted me and I had to put two rounds from AK-74 Kobra to the damnable walking carcass. "Damned" was aptly named for as that large rotting meat bag went down, all walkers within around a 80 meter radius went into high gear and made a beeline to my position. From experience, I too went into high gear too, running my ass in the opposite direction of these bastards, occasionally turning around to quickly fire two rounds or so from my hip in hopes a few of them will go down. Sure enough after a few minutes or so I had a trail of dead walkers. I could've checked this trail of dead flesh for some small time goods, but decided to meet up with the rest the group at the airfield's warehouse, where I was to help carry some spare parts for plans of repairing a vehicle and in addition we checked the barracks where I failed to reach.

At the barracks, I dropped my Kobra for an M16A2 where in Willy's opinion was a fine weapon even though it lacks a green dot sight that was on the Kobra. But not soon after this weapon exchange some random walkers got sight of us and like before bullets went flying and they kept coming. So we double timed to the eastern wall of the airfield rallying up and focusing our fire on the walkers chasing us and after that brief incursion, we were in the clear, no walkers and more importantly no outsiders. This turned out to be one hell of a bloody field trip with our heart rate climbed relatively high.

After all that, we made our way back to camp to relax, laughing and discussing about the rare finds that Tsailen got off the dead outsider and the hoards of ammo acquired. During the discussion, we made plans to find a vehicle to repair, find additional tents and gather medical supplies, for it was dwindling fast. But putting plans aside we ended the day around the camp fire with a feast of cooked meats and drinks, too bad there were no booze to be found.
.... END LOG


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  1. Tsailen's Avatar
    Man...loooking at that pic, youd never know that i was sitting right between the two in front of the tent.
  2. Sergeant_assist's Avatar
    lol yeah, the 5 man pic with only 4 man present. Just one of those paranormal phenomena .
  3. Kage's Avatar
    Three out of Five Zombies that read this blog want to eat your brains
  4. akabaloo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsailen
    Man...loooking at that pic, youd never know that i was sitting right between the two in front of the tent.
    haha I had no idea! That's awesome


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