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Day Z Journal (Day 21) - Storming our Raid

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by , 08-15-2012 at 10:47 PM (2184 Views)
Day 21Storming our Raid
Kage, Tsailen, Willy, and I woke up in camp and the plan was to find a vehicle to repair and get extra camping tents for storage. We were to go through Pustoshka’s supermarket to scavenge for the daily necessity and that extra tent. Followed by going south east towards Green Mountain in hopes there would a military vehicle to bring back to life. If all went well, we would have would finally be mobile and be able to move our camping spot from time to time.

Half an hour has passed and we’ve finally reached the Pustoshka. The town raid started with the supermarket. We didn’t really find anything significant like tents, but food and drinks are always welcomed. Next we crossed the street towards a residential building with a red brick exterior in hope there might something of more value than what was found at the super market. There was nothing but trash in that building, so we backed out of that building, slightly disgruntled. This trip was starting to feel like a waste of time and we thought it couldn’t get any worse until dark clouds loomed over us and strong wind started blowing debris around us .… [End Log]

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