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Day Z Journal (Day 23) - Pieces After The Storm *missing entry*

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by , 08-18-2012 at 03:59 AM (1784 Views)
Itís been 2 days after the storm came down on us. Luckily we still have radio contact and we figure most of us got blown down south to the shoreline, spread out between Chernogorsk and Kamenka. Although it was harsh being at the shoreline again, with all the zombies and bandits around, we at least still have our possessions and more importantly our guns. God, if I lost my M16A2 because of this natural disaster, itíll feel like that first time when I washed up on the shore on this God forsaken land. But thatís not the case today and for that I say @#&* YEAH.

So for now we had have set out again moving north to meet up with each other again. At the time, my location seemed to be a hill on the east side of Chernogorsk. The only person from our group thatís closest to my position at the time was Kage, whom was somewhere on the west side of this same town. The two of us decided to meet up on Windy Mountain, southwest of Kozlovka, and that took a good twenty minutes of sprinting.

Since we were down south and were making our way back to camp up north; we thought we should pay Zelenogorskís supermarket for some tents. Though we had a little mishap with out position and we ended up heading southwest towards Bor instead. But it wasnít too bad because we now had a good clue of which direction we had to go to reach Zelenogorsk.

After another good sprint in the correct direction, weíve reached the town and it was full of walkers. Since we were close to a barn house on the south side of town, Kage suggested we should go have look at the place and I agreed. Of course there were zombies patrolling the place for fresh warm meat. But the amount we had deal at the barn was small in comparison to what was at the town. None the less, I switched to my smaller, quieter rounds, so that I wonít alert the neighbor rotting carnivores. I popped a few rounds to two of the walkers and Kage finished the rest. But man does silence rounds suck. I mean it good that none of these rotting meat bags notice that I was shooting at them, but the range of these rounds are awful. Anyways weíve searched the barn and didnít find anything of significance that could possibly be better that what we were currently carrying, so we left for the supermarket. So I took lead after this and decided to take the round about way to the supermarket, which had a flat top roof and a disgusting beige color paint job. But it was also on the southern edge of the town which made our trip convenient because we didnít have to crawl as much.

Weíve made out way to the back of the backside of the building. The reason why we didnít use the front door was because there we less walkers on the backside than the front. When we looked around in the store, there werenít any tents. But we did find an ALICE pack. So Kage took that, since I already have one. Not soon after I heard gunshots and zombies growl and running. My heart started pounding, first I thought it was Kage taking out some walkers, and I ask ďwas that you?Ē he said no. Thatís when I knew, things were getting serious because weíve got company and they got guns. A gun fight is the last thing we need today, so we snuck out through the back and made a run for the tree line west of Zelenogorsk. As we were running weíve checked to see if any walkers were chasing us and more importantly the shooters. After it was clear we went on merry way towards the north to meet up with the rest of the group.

I donít remember how long it took to reach Willy and Tsailen, but we finally did. In addition the two also found a group of tents from other survivors and it was a treasure trove with tons of medical supplies and rare weapons. To us, we rather be taking this loot than wait and ask the owners nicely because chances are that arenít as nice and most likely shoot us. So we looted what we can, I dropped my M16A2 for L85A2 AWS, which had night vision and infrared. It also uses the 5.56 rounds for the M16A2, so no need to drop those. Then we evenly distributed the medical supplies.

Next thing we heard was that Hellzknight was coming to join us at this camp because he had recently been robbed at gun point by another outsider when we separated. So he needed to be restocked and ready to go. When that was over we moved away from the camp in case the owners come back and call it in for the night Ö [END LOG]

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