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Midnight Fun in IRC!!

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by , 11-29-2011 at 04:47 AM (2308 Views)
I was just hanging out in a server on IRC and had a little fun with some guy looking for help.

Here's the log:
[00:35] * Zephyrus (******@***********) has joined #game-monitor
[00:35] <Zephyrus> hey
[00:35] <+Teck> no
[00:35] <Zephyrus> :(
[00:35] <+Teck> :)
[00:35] <+Teck> whats up?
[00:36] <Zephyrus> my german server is listed as ukrainian :w
[00:37] <+Teck> Wait... aren't those the same country?
[00:37] <Zephyrus> :(
[00:37] <+Teck> No?
[00:37] <Zephyrus> not really : o
[00:37] <+Teck> Pop Quiz!!!
[00:38] <+Teck> What kind of pie do i like? Apple, Cherry, or Pumkin?
[00:38] <Zephyrus> pumkin
[00:38] <+Teck> Wrong!
[00:38] <+Teck> Hint: I'm American...
[00:38] <Zephyrus> apple : o
[00:38] <+Teck> And I'm Latino..
[00:38] <+Teck> Wrong!
[00:39] <Zephyrus> and youre a bot :o
[00:39] <+Teck> Trick question!! Since I'm Latino i dont eat pie... I eat taco's.
[00:40] * Zephyrus (********) Quit (Quit: **************)
[00:40] <+Teck> Seriously.... I'm not a bot (though I guess its never been fully proven / determined).

Now I know what some of you (I.E., Those with Political Science Degree's) are thinking... Teck! You were mean to that guy!! Why didnt you help him!?!?? ---In short, I have no ability to help the guy and if he wont follow simple directions... There's nothing I can do to cure his stupid.

Now you (I.E., Those with Political Science Degree's) probably thinking... Teck! You can cure stupid!!! ---Well, by thinking that... You just proved my point.

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