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Personal Fulfillment Over Time -An Engineer's Perspective

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by , 04-27-2012 at 03:32 AM (1925 Views)
Personal Fulfillment Vs. Time
The graph to the right shows an S-Curve and its relation to what I've labeled as ΔG Vs. time. The point is, on this curve we have the amount of personal fulfillment that we again while doing "something" over time.

Initially we're starting out and we're not getting a ton of satisfaction out of some task; but, we're having to put time into it.

We then reach this "ideal" point where we are finally starting to see / again more fulfillment out of what we're doing. This is actually the area that we'd like to say in.

Finally, we start to reach the peak at which we've gained all of the fulfillment we possibly can and we're just wasting our time. We're not getting anything more out of what we're doing.

So, for example... You work as a Doctor and started to do the job because you found the patients interesting. Well, over time you reach a peak in the S-Curve at which you no longer find your patients interesting and your not learning anything new.

The same could apply to a Teacher, Mechanic, a "Pool Technician" (Like Guntizzle), a volunteer, and so on.... It could even be doing some hobby... It could even be your relationship with your family or significant other.

Bottom line, at one point or another we are all bound to run into this kind of issue. Maybe its time to look at the why and do something about it before we begin to hate whatever it is in our lives that we're doing.
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