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The Elevator Triple+ Press -An Engineer's Perspective

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by , 05-22-2012 at 04:27 AM (7162 Views)
The Elevator Triple+ Press... We've all seen it happen. Your standing there in an elevator and some retarded jackmonkey of a human being walks in the elevator and presses the same button at least 3 times. Hell, most of the time they decide to press the button until the doors finally close as if continually pressing and re-pressing the button is what closes the elevator doors close... Or these repeated presses will somehow make the entire process go faster.

When I look at it, you just took that many more presses off the life of that button. Someone is going to have to replace that button that much faster. You also just raped my eyes by basically defacing and molesting a piece of equipment that is about to (hopefully) safely deliver us to another floor.

If I see you molest the elevator that we're in and it starts to have mechanical issues or starts to fall... I promise you I will SMACK YOU before we fall to our deaths.

Please stop pressing the elevator buttons unnecessarily. It does not make the elevator go faster. Don't be THAT retarded jackmonkey that deserves to be stuffed into an elevator with your fellow retarded elevator button pressing jackmonkeys and then dropped into a volcano.

That is all.
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