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Health Status Update

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by , 02-26-2012 at 05:52 PM (1460 Views)
I don't know or remember all the details.
I am not going to list all the details.
I am not going to backtrace yet, maybe over time.

My Dad/Father/Pops/Padre/Daddio/Pa is in the hospital. 2nd heart attack this week, third overall.

Everything was going well today. And as has been recently, when things get good they get bad in all aspects of life.

My father almost died Saturday night. He survived. He's strong, and he fought, and he's going to keep on fighting for himself, his family, and those that love him and whom he loves.

My best friends father ripped him from the brink of death, and has been able to keep him alive for us. My father arrived back at the hospital this past Saturday morning (02/25/12) having his third heart attack on the same artery; just 36 hours after being discharged. His vitals were terrible. No one had the guts to say anything to us. To have a third heart attack, especially a 2nd one in less than a week (the heart needs just over a week to recover from the shock of the heart attack) and especially on the same artery is not good news. To add to this, my father has a rare medical condition that no doctor, nurse, or anyone we know has ever seen.

To add to all his troubles, he has pneumonia.

If there is an entity above, I want to have a word with him. It is a tragedy for this to happen to someone who has given so much of himself, to his family and loves ones, to the community, to strangers, and most of all, one who has dedicated his life to helping and saving peoples lives. In terms of his health, he did all the right things. In terms of his life, he hardly did wrong except perhaps smile too much.

I cannot stop thinking of how much life sucks. I cannot stop worrying about things getting better, with the feeling that they'll just become that much worse. I feel stuck and useless.
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