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Thread: The Legend of Zelda (2005) Countdown Thread

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    [subliminal message] heh - sorry we were on the subject of new systems, so I thought id throw in marketing for the NEXT XBOX. [/subliminal messages]

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    Paying $1250 for such a beautiful machine..priceless

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    i guess i'm the opposite of ewolff. i liked adventure of link the most and the only FF game i really got into was FF VIII...

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    i just hope it's long enough oot was nice and long especialy if it was your first zelda game (took me months) but majoras mask was too short and anoying ( midnight of the 3rd day ) i don't know if it is just me getting better at games or if they are just too easy, there wasn't a single enemy in ww who was near a chalenge, i died once through the game. in link to the past i havedied so many times it's not funny, and i still have 4 dungens in the dark world to go. new zelda will be good i hope they make it harder but i am looking forward to it. (i hope they have a zelda launch title for the revolution)

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