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Thread: China sets out to curb kids' online gaming

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    China sets out to curb kids' online gaming


    Quote Originally Posted by Website
    It looks like China's not content to simply wait for over-eager gamers to find their way to a halfway house, with the government now taking some steps to curb the amount of online gaming kids partake in. It's not imposing a strict limit, however, instead forcing game makers to install so-called "anti-addiction software" in their games, which would ramp up in-game penalties if gamers play more than the government deems to be healthy. Apparently, gamers will only get half the normal amount points if they play more than three hours, with no points awarded at all after the five hour mark. At that point, they'll be presented with the ominous message: "You have entered unhealthy game time, please go offline immediately to rest." Exactly how that system will be applied to various games isn't clear, although it seems that any games that don't comply by July 16th will be shut down. What's more, in order to verify their age, all gamers will also be required to register for games using their real name and identity card number, which at least one analyst speculates could "scare away" adults and young users alike.
    China has some real problems with online game addiction over there but I don't know if video game makers are going to comply. What do you think?
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    This is a communist nation. By definition, the government will control every facet of your life. No surprise here. What's surprising is the 1 billion people there put up with that kind of oppression. Video games should work together and simply chose not to do business in China.
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    man that is just nutz...something out of a novel!

    they can have their socialist society. in 20 years they'll be busted up like the USSR of old...or worse

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    Lets go save the children of China before its too late!

    Thats kind of sad...
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