Here's a list of games I was really looking forward to seeing at E3 this year. There's some big titles missing.

1. Alan Wake: The last time we heard anything about this game was January/Feb when they were talking about it being delayed until 2009 (which was my prediction) and the last time we got any media from them was when they announced the pics and trailer in 06....

2. Borderlands: Had a great spread in GI a few months ago but since we haven't heard much of anything. was looking forward to seeing new videos of gameplay.

3. Half-Life 2: Episode 3: We knew before hand that Valve only had Left 4 Dead on the showcase lineup, but fans were expecting a surprise announcement or at least a teaser / trailer to the next episode. We haven't heard anything or seen anything except for a few concept art piece.

4. Mafia II: People who played the first Mafia maybe the only ones interested in this game, but before the Godfather came out, this game was the best mafia game on the market... however that wasn't really saying much. It has the same GTA like atmosphere but this should have been present this year.

5. Section 8: Its an upcoming FPS game built on the Unreal 3 engine. Need i say more? E3 would have been a great place to show off some new stuff. We get nothing.

6. Aliens: Colonial Marines: Seems like a pretty incredible game in the works and like Borderlands had a great spread in GI a few months ago, but no videos or new screenshots.

7. Prototype: NOTHING! The game that was supposed to come out this year gets nothing at E3? WTF?

8. WipEout HD: It's an upcoming PSN game that is a remake off the PSX game and his very highly anticipated among PS3 owners, Sony doesn't even mention it.

9. Huxley: Info has dried up completely on this game. Is it even still in the works??

10. Dead Island: I haven't made a thread about this yet because we don't have much info to go on. However, the game is described as a first-person shooter that pits you on an island full of zombies. Hehe. Developed by the guys who made Call of Juarez

11. Chrome 2: Another game by Techland (the guys who made CoJuarez) and this is a sci-fi shooter sequel to a 2003 game. No news. Nothing.

If I missed anything, post it and ill check on it and add it to the list. A lot of these missing games made E3 very very meh this year.