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Thread: Article: The Top Asses in Gaming [Domestic]

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    Article: The Top Asses in Gaming [Domestic]

    My oh my...

    The Top Asses in Gaming

    GamePro motorboats the hottest asses in gaming. Whether it's big and voluptuous or flatter than an ironing board, there's no ass too bootylicious for GamePro.
    Join us as we closely examine the top asses in gaming. On with the ass... I mean show.
    #10: The Girls of Metal Gear Solid

    Snake could watch that backside all day

    Sun-kissed skin and a sexily arched back make Eva top choice on the menu

    Yeah Snake, I'd lick that too. Meryl has got it going on

    #9: Cate Archer - No One Lives Forever

    Flat, yet appetizing. Cate's such a tease

    #8: The Monkeys of Twilight Princess

    You know someone's got a rather larger bottom if you can see it from the front

    Smack that Link

    #7: Voldo - Soul Calibur

    Voldo takes assless chaps to a whole new level

    #6: Queen Slug-for-a-Butt - Earthworm Jim

    More to love

    #5: Jade - Beyond Good and Evil

    Maybe it's the rump, maybe it's the green lipstick. But whatever it is, Jade is one fine-ass babe

    #4: Alyx - Half-Life 2

    Precious hours were spent modeling Alyx's ass

    #3: The Girls of DoA

    Christie's known for her naughty side

    Let me brush that sand off for you

    Come on in Kasumi, the water's fine

    There's more DoA action over at GamerHelp.

    #2: Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

    Speaking of an explosive arse

    The front's nice, but no one acknowledges the backside

    And the grand prize goes to...
    #1: Congratulations! Jack Thompson

    The biggest ass of them all. Sue me

    GamePro Community Submissions

    Submit your pick for The Top Asses in Gaming on the GamePro Message Boards.
    E. Honda - Submitted by jerichowiz

    Link - Submitted by MasterFang

    Fran from FFXII - For everyone over at Destructoid

    Ada Wong's curves hypnotize

    Kameo - By popular demand
    Feature : The Top Asses in Gaming [Domestic] - from

    Agree? Disagree? Want to advance your own candidates?
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    heh, anime ass, nice.
    Edited by Teck:
    did you really just ask if Bo has his cwp?

    he shot his name into the application form from 1000 yards... while on a Segway... One handed with his USP in .45ACP... While doing pushups AND eating his sandwich...

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    omg yes @ Jade!! I can't wait to see her in a next gen game.

    But this list is lacking... they need to break down the Metal Gear Solid girls.

    check out this thread I'm making now...

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    as far as im concerned, the girls form DOA have NO BUTT AT ALL..
    turkey sandwiches

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    don't forget the mistress.

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    lmai what an awesome list

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