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Thread: Warning: package pickup fraud is in use again.

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    Warning: package pickup fraud is in use again.

    Just thought this would be useful to people around here:

    Lately at work we've been receiving calls from people claiming that they received an order notification or shipments for some of the stuff that we sell when they haven't actually ordered anything.

    By checking on the orders we found out that all shipping, billing, contact and e-mail information is that of the actual card holder and because of this, the order passes and is shipped as normal.

    By investigating further, it turns out that this is an old fraud that is again in widespread use and rumor has it that several big name companies are being hit with it.

    The process goes like this:

    A fraudster gets all your information and places an order that is traceable online. The order is sent to the true card holder's address.

    Once the order shows up as delivered online, the fraudster calls you pretending to be an employee from the store and informs you that the package was sent to you by mistake and provides you with a pick-up tag.

    The pick-up tag is made with a second carrier which will then quickly pickup the package under the pretense to have it returned to the store, when in reality, the package is being sent to a new (fraudster's) address.

    This is sometimes called a post-delivery reroute, post-delivery carrier intercepts, or package pickup fraud.

    We've been seeing an increase on this type of orders lately and it will probably increase as the holidays come near.

    Keep your eyes peeled for packages containing stuff you haven't actually ordered and do not comply when contacted to have the package picked up nor call the phone numbers they provide you.

    Instead, call the store directly to explain the situation and have them issue a pick up. And of course, contact your credit card company and/or bank to report the situation.

    Orders are usually for single-line items like high-end non-SLR digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, notebooks (VAIOs and Macbooks), or high-end unlocked mobile phones.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    thanks for the heads up, let me find out someone does this with my info and i'll snap their necks :twisted:
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    Good post.
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