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Thread: Nintendo DS or 360?

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    Nintendo DS or 360?

    Well, the first generation Xbox 360 I had finally kicked the bucket and it is no longer possible to recover it. It was totally hacked and moded so no way M$ was gonna touch or replace it.

    I've been meaning to replace it one of these days but I've been getting an itch for a DS as well.

    I want an Xbox 360 because there are quite a good amount of games and its high graphics capability. I can also connect it to my sound system as well as being able to take it to other friend's houses for tournaments or co-ops on big ass screen TVs.

    I've been attracted to the DS because of the great portability, its nice graphics capabilities for a portable console and the amount of good games available for it. Not to mention the large amount of homebrew utilities and software that will allow me to use it for other things besides gaming such as carrying data, organizer, video player, wi-fi web browser and music player among others.

    Oh, and in case of power failures or insomnia strikes I can simply take out the DS and keep busy.

    Moidock only has time to dedicate to one. I'm mostly set on the 360 but I believe that the DS will be a nice investment.

    So, without further ado I want to ask you guys about your thoughts. Which one? Why?
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    360... hands down

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    i agree with the demon cow. 360: guitar hero, skate, GoW, plus all the other good games.
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    Both are good systems. The main drawback I see with the DS is Nintendo's slllooowwww release of games. I'm not a fan of the virtual pet, RPG and cooking games, so they haven't released anything I'm interested in for months. Mario Kart on the DS is my favorite version, so the games I do have offer a decent amount of reply.

    I'd prolly suggest the 360. It still has decent releases plus it sounds like you can buy the cheaper arcade unit and use your old units memory / hard drive.

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    360, seems like best bang for buck right now
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    You had a 360, so you have games for it. With a DS you would have to start over on games and some of them are getting close to the price of 360 games.

    I have both and the DS hasn't left the drawer in months while the 360 gets turned on roughly 3 times a week. I know that doesn't help you much, but it shows how much more I like the 360. And this is playing the 360 on a 19" SDTV

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    I actually got my 360 ($105) for cheaper than my DS ($120).
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    Wait for the DSi.
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    If you go DS route the no games thing is a non issue, get an R4 card. Been using the Korg DS-10 the last while.. its amazing.
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    OMG ! Get the 360 PERIOD ! ----> . End of discussion. Whoever chose the DS should get slapped !
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