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Thread: Poll: StrafeRight.com RSS Feed #3

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    Poll: StrafeRight.com RSS Feed #3

    This poll was generated using the feedback from the last 2 threads...

    Just a quick overview of what each vote would mean:
    Forums and Subforums
    You could choose to have an RSS feed for "Off-Topic". You could also have an RSS feed for the "PC Hardware & Software" forum. In each case, you would see new threads created in each forum.
    You could have an RSS feed for the "The Funny Picture of the Day Thread" or even for the "Google Chrome: Open Source Web Browser" thread. Your feed would display the latest posts within each thread you subscribe to.
    Thread Tags
    This feed would be based off of the tag system. Basically the feed would consist of any thread which is marked with the particular tag. For example, I want to stay ontop of any thread with the tag "Apple", well my feed would keep me updated with any old threads that get new replys and any new threads that are created with the tag "Apple". I could do the same thing for "left 4 dead", or for "guns", anything...
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    The middle one is actually something I always wanted... just to play around with, I don't think it's critical to anything. but if you're going to do it, I'd mess with it

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    I put other because perhaps someone wants to follow a certain member, especially if they are trying to help someone out.

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    For me I can't find a real need for RSS I Just hit new posts 10,000 times a day but...

    If I used a Phone I think it could be cool to push All posts from a section say off topic I have no idea how they show up but if you could post back via text msg that would be interesting and sR could only charge .10 a post "standard text msg charges may apply"

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    .10 dollars or .10 cents?

    RSS feeds are probably not very useful for regular users that visit the site everyday, but they are beneficial for occasional visitors or guests. It's a good way to potentially increase traffic to the site.

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