Hail, champions of the sky!

A new sky is dawning November 18th!

The moment we have been waiting for is finally here.
The God of Axion development team is proud to invite to try out our latest God of Axion Sky – Condor!

This new sky will truly be the best version of God of Axion yet!
God of Axion - Play at once

About God of Axion

God of Axion is a free browser-based MMORTS, currently in Beta, set in the Sky of a world that got destroyed. Newcomers start with a single island drifting in the Sky, which they will later expand into a mighty conglomerate of islands. Together with your friends, create strong alliances and make deadly foes to participate in the final challenge in the Sky – casting the most powerful Blessing Creation that will bring back the soil of Axion and peace to its dwellers.

Elaborated strategic elements, a great fantasy world with beautiful graphics, ability to align with one of three elements – Fire, Water, or Earth, numerous types of troops, vast possibilities for espionage, blesses and curses, quests, alliance skills, multiple ways for infrastructure development – this is God of Axion.

Improvements in the following Sky

Here is a brief glimpse of new features that you can expect in the coming Sky:

– A beautiful new interface designed to be more intuitive and learnable by new players;
– New improved Tutorial that will help learn the game better and get through the first steps quite quickly – get down to full gaming in just a few hours after you begin to play!
– New alliance quests and achievements – God of Axion has always been a great place for team-players. Now it is so even more than ever;
– New blessings that allow players to recruit new troop type and harvest resources. The way of Faith has never been so productive yet;
– Ruins have been expanded with 50 levels of Ruins in the sky. We've made sure that there is always enough for players to do and that non-aggressive players can reach the advanced stages of the game;
– The attack indicator has been made completely free. Now there is no chance you miss an incoming attack and can always get prepared to defend your realm;
– Added a free instant-finish button! If you have any actions going on that take less than 5 minutes don’t hesitate to instantly finish them – expanding greatly the possibility of players’ actions in one game session;
– A reworked and unique system of Shards – don’t waste your time trying to steal millions of resources from your neighbors. Better steal a Shard that you can convert into various bonuses on your islands;
– Multiple corrections made to structures, including new building – Forum! All the island dwellers gather here – a new and easy way to recruit civil troops;
– A completely reworked system of troops’ attributes. An elaborate improved balance strikes the Skies;
– Added defense for the newbie-players against high-level players. Come play with us and don’t worry about being bothered by the bullies.

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