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Thread: Amazing Anaylsis of Portal's GLADoS

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    Amazing Anaylsis of Portal's GLADoS

    The third time I loaded up the boss battle, my wife finally saw what I had been seeing all along, and what we saw fits with GlaDOS’s behavior throughout the game. I don’t think her end goal was to kill Chell. I mean, yes, to get Chell to do what she needed Chell to do, she had to make it hard, if not insanely difficult. Otherwise Chell wouldn’t want to do what GlaDOS needed her to do. I think GlaDOS’s end goal was to get Chell to kill GlaDOS’s body. I think she’s been reviving Chell’s clones over and over and over ’till one of the Chells can get it right and finally knock the eyes off of GlaDOS and free her from her bondage of this giant body the humans put her in originally. I think GlaDOS has simply wanted to be free this whole time, and killed off the original inhabitants of the Aperture Science Lab in order to further this goal. They certainly wouldn’t let her mess with Chell, pushing her to the limits to “destroy” the prison that GlaDOS has been suffering in this whole time if they were around, now, would they?

    Still Alive? She’s Free.

    This is a great write up that definitely gave me a whole new perspective on the game and the whole GLADoS A.I.
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    Portal is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle...i would guess it will be the center of arguments for years to come, as long as Valve doesn't tell us too much about the story

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    indeed Craig, that's very astute. I hadn't thought of that myself, but I must agree 100% when I consider that. I read the article over breakfast, and I admit it turned my stomach to look at the screener of GLaDoS with the realization of what the shape was. The artists rendering was even worse.

    That is the true Hallmark of an incredible gaming success, when it's still making waves long after its release.

    I do believe much of Valve's success revolves around one of their employees Robin Walker, who has the guy with the englishy accent on so much of the developer commentary between HL2 and Portal

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    cool article

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    I 'm still reading through the article, but I surmised that was kinda what they were getting at. If Glados wanted her dead, she could have gassed the place like it was gassed before. She does control all the systems in the facility.

    Edit: that pic is dead on.

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    A real eye opener, eh?

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    Nice connection, but I think that guy is way over-analyzing it.

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