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Thread: Chode Messiah's Lenovo S10 Review

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    Excellent review chode! Lenovo seems to really have their act together.

    I've become a pretty big fan after owning a Thinkpad for about 9 months now. I've especially been impressed with the graphics capability of this machine and its heat management. I've never encountered any slowdown on account of heat, while I've seen similarly specced HPs struggling to run without cooling pads.

    It's unfortunate that the initial order didn't work out. I ordered directly from Lenovo last summer and had the Notebook in about a week. Maybe they're having trouble meeting the demand for this particular model.

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    Re: Chode Messiah's Lenovo S10 Review

    hey buddy, im using lenovo s10-2 , the problem is with games, particularly age of empires II or CS, they start perfectly fine, but when i start a conquest , the game window closes... suggest me something. which operating system are you using ? i tried both 7 and win xp. same problem with both.

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