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Thread: Bad Company 2 Servers

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    Re: Bad Company 2 Servers

    I might be back to playing BC2 more often again. I pretty much quit due to the fact that my ISP was so fail that I could only play at certain times of the day without getting unplayable pings. Unfortunately where I live I only have one choice for an ISP (other than Satellite or dialup). Recently another ISP bought out my current ISP. They doubled the head router speed on their end which cleared up the connection. Unfortunately they cut my bandwidth in half and tripled my monthly bill, but I'll live with it if I can get a steady lower ping connection.

    Comparison of my old ISP back in March and my new one for lulz...

    I'll try to get on every now and then and join those that are still playing.
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    Re: Bad Company 2 Servers

    I'll play when I get back from Brazil. Won't be able to play much since I leave 6 days later :P
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    did you really just ask if Bo has his cwp?

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    Re: Bad Company 2 Servers

    Pretty sure I broke a personal record tonight on Bad Company 2.

    Got called a hacker in 9\12 matches I played.

    Was threatened with my life by nerd ragers twice.

    Also had 3 reports sent to steam (which i don't use for bc2) because they thought I was cheating.

    all in all good night.

    wish the sr peoples had been playing w/ me instead..
    but it is fun however to know somebody's blood pressure went up dangerously high tonight because of me hahaha
    I'm bad @ BC2 Lulz.

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