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Thread: Access to minecraft server?

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    Access to minecraft server?

    Another friend of Kraze unfortunately... wondering if I could also have access to the server. game name kistlerjm9 thanks

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    Re: Access to minecraft server?

    Wait, so it's unfortunate to be one of kraze's friends?

    <insert standard krazefriend minecraft reply!>

    Welcome to StrafeRight! You're kraze's friend correct? You should be added to the server's whitelist. You can find the general discussion thread here: StrafeRight Minecraft Server Discussion

    Couple of points/rules to start off with. Absolutely no griefing or stealing, and please respect the works of all the other players. For this server we're trying to build a more close-knit city/community, with a designated city center, you're welcome to stay close and build near/with everyone, or head off and do your own thing. Kraze is pretty familiar with what's going on, so he can probably give you a heads-up and tour if you need it.

    Finally, please read that last few pages of the discussion thread I linked to up above, that should give you a good idea of what's going on...other than that, welcome again, and have fun!

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    Re: Access to minecraft server?

    Thank Joe,

    I have given them all the rundown and instructions. So far they are all going good and building there little areas, and Mike who has obviously never played with

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