Haven't been able to play much of anything as of late (too busy) - but managed to return to one of my other games that I put on hold - "Y's 1" on steam - I played several of these games a long time ago back on my TurboDuo and they were pretty good and had GREAT music. anyway - got stuck on the last boss and felt like it was bugged and stopped playing it for some time - came back to it yesterday, still having issues (waaay to difficult and it was noticeable that the character couldn't run fast in in a direction (but it only happened to the boss battle). After some more messing around with the game settings I decided to change my actual display refresh rate down to 60Hz from 144Hz. and it fixed it. heh! the Config for the game apparently really didn't do anything with the display refresh rate :P ah well, finally beat that game and started up the second. I played the heck out of the third (which it looks like you can't play the original - just the remake so that's unfortunate - but it looks like people really like the remake. ahh well! felt a bit sad to see that the game that I had (as the system and all the games and everything else has disappeared) is crazy expensive. :P ugh. ahh well!