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Thread: Steam Summer Sale 2013!

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2013!

    so we won't see you for what, 2 or 3 years?

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2013!

    2 or 3 years? hell that's a 10 year plan there.

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2013!

    I got a few things this time around.

    1 FTL: Faster Than Light**
    2 Tomb Raider: Survival Edition ROW**
    3 Age of Empires II**
    4 Kerbal Space Program**
    5 StarDrive**
    6 Sims 3 Pets**
    7 Borderlands 2 ROW**
    8 Trackmania Canyon 3 pack** (Kept 1)
    9 Poker Night 2**
    10 Portal 2** Gifted
    11 Mark of the Ninja**
    12 Scribblenauts Unlimited**
    13 Civ V Gods and Kings Expansion**
    14 Castle Crashers (Gift)
    15 Wargame Franchise Pack** (Gifted)
    16 Torchlight II (Gift)
    17 Elemental: Fallen Enchantress** (Gifted)
    18 Deux Ex & DLC (Gift)
    19 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive** (Gifted)
    20 Trials Evolution Gold**
    21 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive** (Gifted)
    22 Dragon's Lair**
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2013!

    just a reminder that the sale ends in 3 hours, so if there's anything you want, buy it now...

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2013!

    Quote Originally Posted by joe View Post
    I'm actually very surprised/pleased with AoE 2 HD, it's a good quick RTS fix and playing with friends via Steam works very well.

    Speaking of RTS, Wargame Airland Battle is on sale today, I know SapperWilly loves it, and Y2 and I are both thinking about getting it (I really enjoyed RUSE, which was made by the same team). Anyone else play it?

    Dishonored is also very tempting.
    I've been playing for a couple months with SapperWilly... At first I hated the game but promised Willy i would give it a sold chance. Now, its really grown on me... I've done a lot of learning, 1v1's, experimenting, etc... I've also gotten decent at the game. Against most players in the game I can at least keep the points SO close that the game is a draw.

    It really reminds me of RUSE, which I hated but if I'm honest I gave it about 5 minutes.

    If anyone's on the fence about getting Wargame... I would recommend picking it up. There is some learning curve but a vast majority of it is just not being retarded.. Like use Recon before advancing on a fortified position... Cover yourself effectively with AA... etc

    I've really fallen in love with this game.
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