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Thread: The Dead Pool

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    may the Bruce be with you CoffeeShark's Avatar
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    The Dead Pool

    mb gets Harry Morgan #1 +10+10, no unique due to Vega, who gets +10
    mb get rooney, +10, #1 +10+5 unique = +25
    Panic moves up with Jobs at his #1 spot = 10+10+5 unique = 25
    vega, +10 +5 unique on Cliff (i hope you're happy, vega!!)
    coffee moves up with the Winehouse call, 10pts +5 for youth and +5 for unique

    mb67: 60
    vega: 57
    coffee: 45 +10 Dick Clark = 55
    panic: 25
    DD: 7 + 16 Houston = 23
    Denny: 15
    ruxor: 7

    everyone else: 0 pts

    Hopper's illness and popularity in pools has rated him at 7 pts.


    No, I'm not talking about the Clint Eastwood film that brought Jim Carrey to his first big hollywood role. Although it is related.

    No, this is your own StrafeRight Dead Pool.

    Simply pick which well-known celebrities you feel may not make it through the trials and tribulations of the next few days/months/years. This may include those in the latter years of life, those that may indulge in the drug trade, maybe someone that takes unnecessary risks in dangerous sports, or even seemingly random famous people that you just have a gut feeling about.

    This is not a wishlist, just a prediction based on behavior/age/activity.

    Prizes include phrases from your favorite StrafeRight posters, including "holy crap you were right", "how the hell did you guess that", and "no way that dude jumped off a building".


    Pick 10 of your favorite might-die-soons and list them, in order of probability, in this thread. Any amusing anecdotes as to why you believe their mortality is in question are welcome. That's it.

    Personally killing off your Dead Pool entries is grounds for disqualification.

    Stealing other entrants pool nominations is not illegal, but frowned upon due to general etiquette rules. Obvious nominations of oldies or druggies may be shared without shame.

    Editing your list is allowed even after sickness or accident (see: Brett Michaels), but keep in mind that it will affect your score.

    Celebs must be alive at time of nomination. All persons selected must be named and linked if more obscure than most.

    "Celebs" is defined as "anyone off the street at least has some idea of who they are, or can easily find them online". Any dispute over the definition of your 'celeb' will be decided by me. There are no celebs in Straferight.


    Each successful pick (and by "success" we mean actual reported and confirmed fatality) is given 10 points.

    If your #1 pick on your list goes, a bonus of 10 points is awarded due to your obvious ESP.

    Bonuses are also awarded for age range at time of death:

    0-20: +10pts
    21-30: +5 pts
    31-40: +3 pts
    41-50: +1pt

    A Unique Achievement Bonus is also awarded if your nominee was not on anyone else's list: +5.

    Double Shock Power achievement bonus awarded if you have 2 nominees that pass on the same day: +10pts. Murder/Suicide gains double award: +20pts

    Other Achievements may be awarded arbitrarily by the judge (me).

    Adjustments: Any successful dead pool nominee with more than 50% nominations at time of award (in other words, if more than half the posters nominate that celeb) will only receive half the total points normally awarded. This is done to discourage the Brett Michaels scenario.

    This Pool runs through December 31, 2010.

    DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Remember you can change your list at any time, so watch the news for hints and clues. Sean Penn traveling to Venezuela a lot? hmmm....

    Don't forget world leaders, rappers and sports figures. If we know who they are, they're eligible.

    My pool is shown below for your perusal.

    Coffee's Hollywood Dead

    1. Jackie Stallone
    2. Jerry Lewis
    3. Hugo Chavez
    4. Kirk Douglas (this would make me sad)
    5. Fidel Castro (woot)
    6. Donald Sutherland
    7. Joan Rivers
    8. Nelson Mandela
    9. Helen Thomas
    10. Zsa Zsa Gabor

    All non-pool comments will be deleted.
    Last edited by CoffeeShark; 07-10-2012 at 11:54 AM.

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    C-57D VincentVega's Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    1. Dennis Hopper
    2. James Garner
    3. Cliff Robertson
    4. Kirk Douglas
    5. Abe Vigoda
    6. Sumner Redstone
    7. Jack LaLanne
    8. Zsa Zsa Gabor
    9. Alan Young
    10. Ray Harryhausen

    I don't see Borgnine kicking off anytime soon. Dude's fat, still working, and still has his mind. That rules out dementia and cancer (for now).

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    WHERE IS GOD DennyCrane's Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    Robin Gibb
    Max Von Sydow
    Larry Hagman
    Betty White
    Nancy Reagan
    Ralph Wilson
    Fidel Castro
    Russell Johnson (The Professor)
    Billy Graham
    Last edited by CoffeeShark; 04-20-2012 at 05:44 PM.
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    ಠ_ಠ panic!'s Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    1. Steve Jobs
    2. Howard Stern
    3. Scott Weiland
    4. George Lucas
    5. Jackie Chan
    6. Ron Jeremy
    7. Trey Parker
    8. Matt Stone
    9. Stan Lee
    10. Billy Graham

    Just because...
    Quote Originally Posted by Craig View Post
    denny, i didn't know your cadillac had crank windows.

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    Time 2 Play DigitalDD's Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    This is morbid, but I like morbid.

    In no particular order.

    Sonny Chiba
    Avery Brooks
    Brian Dennehy
    Mischa Barton
    Joe Cocker
    David Crosby
    Dennis Hopper
    Whitney Houston
    Iggy Pop
    Katie Morgan

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    Shunned? jdeegz's Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    No, jack lalane will never die. He is immortal.
    turkey sandwiches

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    WHERE IS GOD DennyCrane's Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    Dude's 96... it's a good pick.
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    I am working hard on my list and it will be up soon.

    Lawrence Taylor will be on my list.

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    Re: The Dead Pool

    Max Von Sydow is a good pick. Guy never looked healthy. Hate to see him go, too, because he plays such a creepy mastermind so well.

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    WHERE IS GOD DennyCrane's Avatar
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    Re: The Dead Pool

    Honestly, before Shutter Island, I'd presumed he was already dead. I mean, he was really old in the hay-day of his big hits... Strange Brew and Flash Gordon.
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