Off Topic Bastards

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  1. VincentVega
    what's going on here! lol
  2. yankeeDEUCE
    Hudda hudda huuh!
  3. Sleepy
    home from work again.
  4. FuzzyLogik
    so.... what are we all doing in here?
  5. Sleepy
    waiting for tf2 server to get some peeps on it
  6. bacon_x
    waiting for the bathroom in my hall not to smell like shit so i can shower
  7. UI
    waiting for matt to get his ass down to usc so he can be my roommate
  8. bacon_x
    ya well lets see if they accept me as a transfer first
  9. FuzzyLogik
    ahhh college roommates.

    So.. with this little back end thing - maybe we can learn a little more about people (that's proper online or care to release anyways)? Since.. well... uh... we're so intriguing in this special little group!

    I'm married and have a BS in Computer Science (and a minor in Math... heh) from the CSU system in California. Currently working at a computer/network support desk. Rather like my job and I get some pretty awesome bennies.

    What about you guys?
  10. Teck
    No degree, but I do freelance db administration in Healthcare...

    Currently working on my BS in Comp Sci & Engineering (+Minor in Math)... I may go for my MS as It will probably take me the same amount of time because of the number of math courses I will have to take...
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