Off Topic Bastards

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  1. VincentVega
    hahahaha this is cool.

    owned! :woot:
  2. CoffeeShark
    rofl excellent
  3. Teck
    Hmmm yeahhh
  4. VincentVega
    Teck what'd you do to the site, there are a million more nooks and crannys now. gonna take a while to get used to it all :spamcan:
  5. CoffeeShark
    hey, do you guys get to invite people to the group now, or just the group starter?
  6. wootini
    omg...i'm a bastard, and on OT no doubt
  7. FuzzyLogik
    Holy crap! this is friggin sweet... geez. endless things to do at sR... and keep me busy at work
  8. CoffeeShark
    dammit, Teck, I have no idea when the group messages come in.... ideas?
  9. VincentVega
    Where is the button for "I'd Hit It" in regards to the Sara Evans pic above.

    because I'd definately be spam-clicking that
  10. CoffeeShark
    oh, let me know who else to invite, I know I haven't gotten half the people invited yet.
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