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Thread: Movies on Netflix worth watching

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    Re: Movies on Netflix worth watching

    Yeah I've been watching American Netflix for a while, You lot seem to have a better selection of movies than we get.

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    Re: Movies on Netflix worth watching

    I was pretty impressed with both the UK and Canada actually. Just a bit different selection than us, not necessarily better or worse.

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    Re: Movies on Netflix worth watching

    How are you getting access to the UK/Canadian Netflix?
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    Re: Movies on Netflix worth watching

    Let me get that for you...

    Movies on Netflix worth watching
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    Re: Movies on Netflix worth watching

    Quote Originally Posted by MajorMalfunction View Post
    Want to expand your Netflix selection? A friend of mine turned me on to this trick recently... not sure if anyone else here has tried it out. But basically, go on the chrome web store and download the Hola Better Internet extension. It's a bit shady, but well reviewed as a quick proxy solution. Go on Netflix and change your country to the UK or Canada, and boom, Netflix will reload with the online library for that country. There are a ton of different movies and shows available, depending on what country you're routing through.

    If you're worried about the security aspect, you can turn off the extension easy enough when you don't want it.
    I think I've posted about that and the more secure service which is a VPN where you can choose the exit point of your connection. Though my reason for mentioning it was to stream BBC and TV shows that aren't available here in the US.

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