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Thread: Hyperlapse

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    So Microsoft released a test version of Hyperlapse yesterday. It basically takes a video and makes a smoothed out time lapse version.
    I stuck in one of my Go-pro videos from a trip through Glencoe last year just to test it.
    Super simple to use but the first render takes aaaaaaages. 20 minute video took maybe 4-5 hours to work through. The silver lining is that if you want to tweak any of the settings and redo it, the subsequent render time was only about 30-40 minutes.

    ( suggest full screen 720p/1080p @ 60Hz) Video isn't particularly exciting, but scenery gets purty as you go along

    Interesting to note, It looks like i'm moving the camera around a lot. Its actually fixed on a solid mount. Its only showing a percentage of the entire wide angle video at any one time, Just shifting what portion you are seeing.
    Anyhoo, quite nifty to muck about with and makes otherwise lengthy vids into nice short chunks. I could see it being used on gaming vid play throughs.
    Its available for mobile devices as well.
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    Re: Hyperlapse

    That's pretty cool to see it in action - a bit jerky at times but overall it doesn't hurt my neck watching the video Nice way to do a "very quick tour" around a place - it would be cool if you could also keep the "shifting" of the portion of the video down to a specific amount so it feels more natural? or... would that be unnatural? or like you're actually flying on a drone than on a bike.
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    Re: Hyperlapse

    Thats cool... But, you know your on the wrong side of the road

    Woot!!! I've been waiting for an opportunity to say that for YEARS!!!!!!
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