Poll: What is your favorite linux distro?

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Thread: Favorite Linux Distro?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teck View Post
    I've been a Red Hat/Fedora guy for years... I started with RH 5.2 i believe, i should have the disk somewhere around here...

    Anyways, I've tried just about all the major distro's and Fedora is as good as it gets if you ask me.

    I do like an LFS from time to time though...
    I just put Fedora 9 in VirtualBox. It's pretty nice. remained largely unchanged over the years, same look and feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuddhistSoldier View Post
    Anybody ever compile gentoo?
    I've done many stage 1 installs of Gentoo.

    My current favorite is Ubuntu, but I've used more distros than I can remember. I've really come to dislike Fedora Core for several small reasons. Fedora Core 3 and 4 were great, I feel it just got worse with every release since then, but I haven't really tried out Fedora Core 9.

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    i like Italian bistro, that kinda sounds like linux distro


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    anybody use ubuntu netbook remix?
    TF2 Addict

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    Re: Favorite Linux Distro?

    I always prefer to use 'Ubuntu'..That is open source and quite user friendly.I never get avy kind of issue with Ubuntu.

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    Re: Favorite Linux Distro?

    Way to revive an old thread Galvin.

    I've tried several distros depending upon what hardware I'm installing it on- I've got an old Latitude C400 that's running Zenwalk, and my AW m5500 is running Linux Mint, but for newer hardware I fluctuate between Elive and Ubuntu. I have used Red Hat Enterprise as well as SuSe Enterprise for work, but prefer Red Hat in business settings.

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    Re: Favorite Linux Distro?

    Great resource. Thanks for the info.
    To make a game people can love, you have to love it first.

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