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Thread: Battleground Europe Review, aka wwIIonline

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    Battleground Europe Review, aka wwIIonline

    I used to play this game a lot. In fact before I stumbled onto Arma2 near the end of it's heyday via Drunk Idiots With Guns (shout out to Jaxxx who basically ran the server) I used to play this WWII shooter to the point of obsession. Nowadays I play it from time to time just for kicks. Here is a brief review.
    First of all this ain't no COD so if you like to be in an arena for some shootem-up action this game is not really for you. If you like real time, single massive map (basically most of Western Europe) and strategic as well as tactical game play you might like this one. A boat load of patience and a reasonably steep learning curve are also helpful. The main thing about this game that you have to learn is how to find the action using the the theater map and finding the towns that are either under attack by the enemy (you are defending these) and the ones your side is attacking. If you start out FTP then you will be somewhat limited in where you can go and what outfits or vehicles you can use but you will still get a good feel for the game and whether you like it or not. If you do try the game, use the help channel and ask lots of questions. There is a dedicated game community that will be happy to help and if you decide to stick around try joining a squad and using the teamspeak channels that are run on the game server for every squad.
    The game is over ten years old and is one of the early mmo's out there so there is something to say about the longevity of the game. The graphics are good but not great and this is basically limited because of two factors: trying to keep the game playable on a majority of systems while keeping a single instance battle map of most of the Western Front in which at times a large battle is being fought in one town with tanks, planes and infantry equaling a whole lot of crap and people in a small area; the second limitation is the old code that the game is still written in. Overall though it is a job well done that has it's pro's and con's. The game does pride itself on it's ballistic physics which is sometimes not so evident as there will be times when you will be shot but do to lag and packet comms you will think you got to cover first. Lots of banter about this one as you can imagine.
    I played for about an hour today and here is a description of one of my sorties. After spending a little time defending Dinant a small town on a river in France, I think, the Axis war machine quickly shifted it's focus on Anhee another small town just down the river from Dinant. Anhee is split by the river with a main bridge and a few surrounding rail line bridges that give you access across the river. Swimming the river takes about ten minutes and leaves you very vulnerable to attack so the destructible bridges are critical strategic points both for attack and defense. I despawned from Dinant and found a brigade in Anhee and spawned in as a rifleman on the Eastern side of the town. The total sortie time was about 45minutes. The Axis side had the town surrounded due to the fact that they had captured the surrounding towns and owned the Forward Bases from these two surrounding towns (these FB's can be blown up by engineers with satchels but are usually well guarded).
    I spawned in as a basic rifleman. A bolt action rifle, a couple of smoke grenades, a few frag grenades and some ammo. I have binoculars but unfortunately you have to pay the basic subscription to carry these. It quickly became clear that the spawn depot building I was in was under fire by a couple of heavy mg's most likely from Panzer Tanks trying to pin supply. After figuring out what the best exit point might be I used the building as cover and noticed a couple of friendly Anti-Tank guns trying to maneuver into position so I threw my two smoke grenades to screen them from direct fire. Then I started drawing fire from the nearby enemy tanks and then moving back behind the building. Bingo, after sweating it out for a bit the guns took out the two tanks. Using my map I gathered my bearings and began hearing more enemy armor rolling up on the high ground east of town. Taking a deep breath I started up the hill knowing that the friendly guns which were now scrambling for tactical cover and concealment would need some spotters to be effective. My rifle and grenades would be of no help against any armor the enemy could put into the field. Heartened by the sound of friendly armor rolling out of our Army Base I started sprinting for concealment up the hill. About a quarter of the way up I could make out the dreaded sound of two enemy 232 anti personnel armored cars moving in so I hit the deck. It took me about 15 more minutes of crawling to get halfway up the hill while I constantly used the in game text comms to report audio and visual contacts with the enemy and using my map to mark confirmed positions. I could hear a 232 taking up a stationary position downhill to the right along the river. After maneuvering into visual position I could make out the 232 sitting next to a set of boxes draped by an axis flag known as an enemy Field Resupply Unit (FRU or "EFRU" for the enemy ones). After marking it on the map one of the guns took out the 232 but could not get it's gun to bear on the boxes, so I worked my way down and threw a couple of grenades on them to take them out. I received a "GJ" for my efforts.
    After taking out the resupply boxes I could hear an enemy PAK 88 AT Gun way up on the hill and started working my way up there. By the time I got up there someone had already silenced the 88 but I could still hear plenty of big guns from some enemy tanks (ET's). One sounded close and I soon spotted a Panzer nearby. Using some bush lines to conceal my approach from the unbuttoned commander, I made my way right behind it and was rewarded to see it was also sitting on a set of resupply boxes. I quickly threw my remaining grenades and readied my rifle to take out the commander position, but before I could get my shot off my grenades went off and when the smoke cleared the commander was buttoning up and I heard the tanks engines fire up so I ran for some bushes. I could hear the roar of the tank as it reversed and nearly squashed me into pulp. About this time I noticed an ally close buy and identified the unit as an Anti-Tank rifleman. I cursed hoping I didn't ruin the tank hunters long stealthy approach on the retreating tank but the enemy tank soon returned taking up a position not too far away and actually closer to the AT soldier. I watched from the bushes as the AT soldier moved in and placed a high explosive satchel in just the right spot for that type of tank. As the soldier then ran for cover...Boom! The tank was a smoking ruin. As I congratulated the soldier they asked me if I still had ammo and I did. After meeting up and resupplying the soldier with a new satchel and topping off their ammo I started to head back.
    After all that work it became apparent that the Axis had captured both of the depots on our side so I had to either despawn as MIA or make my way to Dinant in the distance or somehow make it back across the river to the AB that was soon to be captured. Points awarded for sortie because of MIA deductions = ONE !! LOL. My only consolation was that we fought hard and took out a lot of their armor which is satisfying in a game that uses supply dynamics. Every lost soldier and unit is a loss to that sides limited supply. The factory towns can slowly resupply brigades but if our Air Force doesn't protect them from bombing raids the factories won't work at 100% efficiency. Such are the wages of war.
    So if you think this might be your type of game give it a shot. You can find videos for Battleground Europe on Youtube and in Steam's Greenlight section. I think the game has clawed it's way to rank #3. I for one hope they get the Green Light because I would love the developers to get the infusion of cash they need to revamp this awesome concept that frankly I have not found in any other game.

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    Re: Battleground Europe Review, aka wwIIonline

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